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18.12.2013 - geschrieben von Paul

Hallo zusammen,

am Sonntag ist die FET8 zu Ende gegangen, die achte Auflage der TMUF-Ausdauer-Liga von ET. Wir waren mit zwei Teams dabei:

Black Balls of Destiny (BBoD): Jake, Lukas, Osna, Paul
Die Glücksbärchis (GB): ARE, Bernout, mäx, Trek

Dabei konnte Team BBoD als 9. der Vorrunde das Finale der besten 12 erreichen, dort aber in Sachen Tempo und Motivation nicht mehr ganz mithalten, weshalb es am Ende der 12. Platz wurde.

Team GB erreichte in der Vorrunde Platz 24 und anschließend im "kleinen Finale" der nicht fürs Finale qualifizierten Teams den 6. Platz.

Die nächste FET wird es wohl erst wieder in einem Jahr geben, dafür steht demnächst mit der TFET3 die TM2-Variante der FET an, wo auf Valley und Canyon gefahren wird.


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#57 von 23.05.2016 - 07:09
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Je me lance aussi sachant que je doute surtout du 61. Joey Starr2. Justin Bieber3. Yannick Noah4. Jean-Pierre Pernault5. Jean-Marie Bigard6. Loana7. Karl Lagerfeld8. Shakira9. Maïté

#56 von car insurance 21.05.2016 - 21:07
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I had both CJ Spiller and Kevin Smith on my bench this week. Already have Spiller in for next week. Matt Ryan, Sproles, Spiller, Julio, AJ Green and Percy. I’m liking my chances. What was/is the deal with Wes Welker? Was that just an aberration? Mom, I’m done with my segment!!VN:F [1.9.21_1169](from 1 vote)

#55 von 20.05.2016 - 02:52
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- Significantly, this publish is really the sweetest on this notable matter. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily seem forward for your incoming updates. Stating thanks won’t just be ample, for your phenomenal clarity within your writing. I will right grab your rss feed to remain informed of any updates. Admirable perform and much accomplishment in your business dealings!  Please excuse my poor English as it truly is not my 1st tongue.

#54 von 19.05.2016 - 06:05
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Give credit where credit's due- Republicans are absolute masters at attacking others for the very sins that Republicans are most guilty of. And they'll continue to do it, and get away with it, until there's a concerted effort to call them on it...

#53 von 19.05.2016 - 05:26
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I think this is among the most important information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on some general things, The web site style is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

#52 von cheap insurance 17.05.2016 - 10:24
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An intelligent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

#51 von online auto insurance quotes 17.05.2016 - 07:25
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I made a bath schedual my kids always seem to fight that they do not want to go first to take a bath or shower, I have 3 kids one boy 9 and twin girls 8 and fighting happens to often around here, I really like your ideas

#50 von 16.05.2016 - 02:46
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This has made my day. I wish all postings were this good.

#49 von insurance auto 15.05.2016 - 13:36
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Olá Samuel! Obrigado pelo comentário!Concordo que o Washington Olivetto seria perfeito para o cargo, mas ele já disse que não o interessaria, o que é uma pena.Mas pelo que andam dizendo esta escolha do João Doria ainda não está 100% finalizada. Precisamos esperar um pouco mais pra ter a confirmação, embora eu acredite fortemente que ele já aceitou o cargo. Ficamos na torcida pela manutenção do bom nível do programa.Um abraço!

#48 von 14.05.2016 - 03:57
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Could you write about Physics so I can pass Science class?

#47 von 13.05.2016 - 20:29
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This introduces a pleasingly rational point of view.

#46 von 13.05.2016 - 20:11
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Potrei parlare a lungo di questo crostaceo del quale ho una conoscenza approfondita.Ultimante soffro di allergia ma so che col tempo sono manifestazioni che si curano.

#45 von 13.05.2016 - 09:06
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ببینید در صورتی که میخواهید مپ ترمینال را هم داشته باشید فایل های اون مپ و فایل های iwd مخصوص این مپ که حجمش بیشتر از فایل های معمولی و بدون این مپ هست رو دریافت کنید.

#44 von 13.05.2016 - 06:50
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sgreans all hamchi one lah...say say only but come to action...everybody scared! fucked up - next time bus fares increase dont kao pei!

#43 von 13.05.2016 - 05:06
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I don’t think I have a steady enough hand to print on the plate like you did. Especially the pressure of using permanent marker. This sounds like a special Christmas in the making. Jerry

#42 von 12.05.2016 - 12:58
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Having similar problems with my IMAP server (non-gmail). Messages that are read on my desktop or laptop (also Macs) will continue to appear unread on my iphone pretty much indefinitely, weird glitches with messages being deleted and returning from the dead... glad to see that this is a documented problem... sad to see that it's basically buried until someday when it maybe gets fixed?

#41 von us agency car insurance Hays KS 11.05.2016 - 19:13
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Hé mais… On a le franky en pleine action sur un ponton avec un gros sac à dos !! Bon j’explique ma pensée, sinon personne ne va comprendre. J’ai hâte de voir le Darth se tirer de mon article où je lui ai imposé de sortir avec le boîtier de son choix + 2 éléments. Quand je vois son gros sac à dos, je me dis que je lui demande un sacré sacrifice sur le principe. Mais je sais qu’il n’en sera que plus créatif par la contrainte. J’AI HATE DE VOIR TOUT CA !!

#40 von cheap non owners insurance York PA 10.05.2016 - 03:12
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A számítógépes témához:ez a tipikus esete annak, amikor egy cég ahelyett, hogy optimalizálná a prgogramját, inkább úgy dönt, hogy a kedves felhasználó majd optimalizálja a programhoz a gépét.

#39 von no down payment car insurance in Davenport IA 08.05.2016 - 23:13
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You, Sir, are Numero Uno. You have made me feel famous for the first time in my life. In exchange, each member of Venom Literati will have one of your babies. If you want babies. Or--wait--Abby can have multiple. Because we do not all want babies.

#38 von 07.05.2016 - 22:57
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dit :En fait ça m’embête un peu d’intégrer directement une légende sous l’image car je trouve que cela trouble l’harmonie visuelle que j’essaye d’instaurer dans mes articles. Par contre j’intégrerai en pied d’article un crédit visuel comme je viens de le faire pour cet article (cf. crédit image tout à la fin, juste en dessous de la vidéo)

#37 von 07.05.2016 - 18:32
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Dilaida, una satisfacción ver que también está la cara en gallego. Bicos.D. Txema, está usted fichado al final de la entrada. ya lo vi, compañero. Un abrazo.Salud y República

#36 von 06.05.2016 - 07:58
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Gabriela and others - thanks for writing in. I certainly agree with the range of reasons that you all provide as to "why not." What is interesting is where there is leverage or alternatives or models that might engage funders in "why?" Issue Lab may be one. may be another. Data standards yet a third.Thanks, Lucy

#35 von auto insurance quotes Long Beach CA 04.05.2016 - 14:04
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Bien oui c’est plus simple mais si tu veux que ton vendredi soit occupé c’Est mieux de dire a 3-4 personne je suis libre vendredi et le premier qui te confirme tu le gardes les autres tu trouve un autre moment… C’Est ce que je comprends de la technique

#34 von free car insurance quotes 04.05.2016 - 08:47
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Greetings from the other side of the city!! Love the picture of the rainbow. Pikes peak is soooo amazing!!! We are planning a trip up soon - maybe labor day weekend after the balloon festival!

#33 von auto insurance 03.05.2016 - 06:51
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I am not trying to imply that vulgarities is NOT GOOD. you are not getting my point and it tires me when I have to explain. writing vulgarities sentence after sentence is good? Its annonying. ANNONYING. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G sunnybaby. Its just plain Unnecessary. FULLSTOP. you have to admit to the fact. Fucking absurd indeed :D

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