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Datum: 27.02.2013
Spiel / Team: TM1-Ligafahrer
Gegner: Lem.x / Lem.x
Liga: United League 10 [Match Link]
Maps: UL10 - Alaska Dream (Snow), UL10 - Trizozor (Island), UL10 - Changed the way you kissed me (Coast), UL10 - For a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic (Stadium)
Map Ergebnis
UL10 - Alaska Dream (Snow) 3 : 7
UL10 - Trizozor (Island) 7 : 0
UL10 - Changed the way you kissed me (Coast) 0 : 7
UL10 - For a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic (Stadium) 2 : 7
totales Ergebnis 12 : 21
GN Team: runna, Jake_the_Cake, avalance
Lem.x Team:
Screenshots: Keine Screenshots vorhanden
von DacSP fuhren: Lolo, Killervirus, maphios, Phoenix, icey, Palme, Schatten


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#145 von 25.08.2016 - 02:45
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“The lack of gun control policies in other geographic areas hurts the effectiveness of Chicago’s policy. ” Then the electorate, and the political leadership, of Chicago have chosen poorly. The people of Chicago suffer for it.

#144 von 24.08.2016 - 18:14
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Oh I've just had a good chortle reading this. What on earth did you say back to the fake vampire?!The hair is fantastic - did you shape it round something or just pin it into place?

#143 von 24.08.2016 - 10:11
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to get on this guys … to get on this guys nerve you should just do a 10 hour video of your face staring deep into his soul =P Was this answer helpful?

#142 von 24.08.2016 - 05:37
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Thank you Dale And yes, cold can be beautiful… but still so very, very cold! I’m glad I got those shots but have to admit my freezing toes and fingers didn’t thank me!

#141 von 23.08.2016 - 22:29
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</a>When i say missing fog, i meant the effects paired back in places.Of course it still has fog effects.I&#8217;m still hearing bad things about the framerate though(on ps3 especially).Maybe they&#8217;ll patch it up eventually.VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

#140 von 23.08.2016 - 16:17
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Hát a Cseh légierő még a Gripenek nélkül is elég ütős illetve jól megszerzett! A végén még az jön ki, hogy a csehek őrzik a szlovák légteret.Tetszik / Egyetértek: 3 Az értékeléshez be kell

#139 von 23.08.2016 - 10:57
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Even though we&#8217;re Christians, we still hurt each other. Not only our Christian brothers and sisters but, non-believers as well. We can easily push away conviction from the Holy Spirit by justification and excuses. If we choose to go with conviction and correction from the Holy Spirit, and accept our wrong doings towards others, a heartfelt &#8220;I&#8217;m sorry,&#8221; to the one we&#8217;ve hurt goes a long way. This changes lives. Talk about the power of &#8220;The Kingdom of God&#8221; being released on someone.

#138 von 21.08.2016 - 23:04
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Holas gentes, estoy en Ubuntu 12.04 tengo las libreriras de python qt4, he &#8220funnyuleado&#8221; el repositorio, pero no consigo hacerlo funcionar localmente&#8230;.¿como puedeo hablar con David García? muchas gracias

#137 von 21.08.2016 - 14:14
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The notion of an organization being a &ldquo;social business&rdquo; is one that&rsquo;s been talked about for the past few years, often focusing on social media tools and channels&nbsp; &ndash; social networks, Twitter, blogs, etc &ndash; that people can use to connect with other people in a manner that&rsquo;s more authentic that the rigidity, formality and control of marketing and public relations and instead is, well, social.&nbsp;

#136 von cheap car insurance quotes 20.08.2016 - 16:46
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Wolfie, thank you for your impassioned comment.And thank you for expressing a sentiment I hear so often privately, but is so rarely expressed in public.Your words may be tough, but they are also very, very important.Support this comment 0

#135 von cheap auto insurance 20.08.2016 - 12:07
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If by &quot;you guys&quot; you mean the security guards, we weren&#039;t supposed to laugh and actively suppressed laughter simply because that was our job. If you meant everyone there from our campaign, well I definitely saw some of them laughing and plenty of people not on our campaign who were not laughing (eg the people on the back row).

#134 von cheap auto insurance 20.08.2016 - 00:55
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bello e innovativo l&#8217;ideogramma centrale, da evitare il carattere distorto perchè da troppo l&#8217;idea di qualcosa di buttato lì giusto per riempire il troppo spazio bianco che contraddistinguirebbe il marchio&#8230;

#133 von auto insurance 19.08.2016 - 23:39
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How gorgeous is her fabric! I make Christmas stockings every year, but try to stay away from traditional fabrics if I can. This line is perfect. Jacinta

#132 von cheapest auto insurance 19.08.2016 - 21:09
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From the WSJ Article: &quot;In the end, it is not easy to discover why Israel, a tiny nation of immigrants torn by war, has managed to become the first technology nation.&quot; The first technology nation? That&#39;s on the same intellectual level as the rest of the swill they serve up at the WSJ. Even if we pretend that the word &quot;technology&quot; means &quot;modern computing and bio-medical technology&quot;, it&#39;s still a joke.

#131 von 19.08.2016 - 14:29
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ALLE er velkommen til basaren alle 3 steder, skal nok holde jer informeret om hvor og hvornår men i kan godt sætte kryds i kaleneren til 20 og 27 nov ;-)KH

#130 von 19.08.2016 - 10:53
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The face of rugby has changed a lot &#8211; they get paid, and LOTS and this is their full time job. Sadly, we do hate one ref &#8211; he happens to be a Kiwi

#129 von 19.08.2016 - 08:27
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I&#8217;m honored to receive a call coming from a friend when he identified the important points shared on the site. Reading through your blog write-up is a real brilliant experience. Thanks again for thinking about readers just like me, and I would like for you the best of achievements for a professional surface area.

#128 von 19.08.2016 - 06:05
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I tried deleting cookies and caches and typing in the old homepage address but it didn&#8217;t work. There used to be a note at the bottom of the page where you could click back to old Yahoo homepage, but it&#8217;s gone now. Any ideas? I really hate the new one.

#127 von car cheap insurance young drivers 18.08.2016 - 09:30
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I love this article very much. I will definitely be back. Hope that I can go through much more informative posts then. Will probably be sharing your wisdom with all of my associates!

#126 von 18.08.2016 - 07:55
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Forgot to add that though our children are in the same state, and in fact in the same house, I am on the computer alone and Tony is watching "Princess Bride." AT least I am listening to something I like.

#125 von cheap pay as you go car insurance for young drivers 18.08.2016 - 02:06
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Well I agree w/Janet with respect to your blog being famous. But who really wants to be famous in the USA when you can have fame in Albania? OK. KathyB&#8217;s comment just caught my eye. What the heck ever happened to Chuck? every now and then I do some searching but as far as I can tell he has yet to resurface. Those were fun times though

#124 von 17.08.2016 - 20:05
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Så bra at operasjonen gikk fint!! Sender healing til både den ene og den andre! Dere har å stri med, godt at dere har hverandre oppi alt sammen. Krysser fingrene for kontroll og alt som kommer framover. Stooor klem fra megP.S. Koselige bilder fra fiskedammen smiling

#123 von 17.08.2016 - 18:51
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Why do you assume it&#39;s bad policy at hand? There is a motive behind Libya, &quot;The Fairness Doctrine&quot;. A perfect test case for it&#39;s next victim, us!

#122 von car insurance cost on average 17.08.2016 - 16:55
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Max, why dont you organise a bus tour to wherever this HARP thing is stationed so that we can take photos like a bunch of tourists and once and for all prove or disprove this HARP thing.Everytime someone farts loudly in the world, someone screams HARP.If the US owns it? wouldnt they be pointing it at North Korea, not ALABAMA!&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.Z

#121 von 17.08.2016 - 13:58
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The Photos are amazing, I really like the look of the camera too.. so small, and the photos are stunningThanks very much, I spent a good half hour enjoying your photos smilingBen

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